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State Forms

All First Reports of Injury and Supplemental Reports for all 50 states, DC, and Federal forms.

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More than 7,000 state laws, regulations, and policies for all 50 states, DC, and Federal.

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Industry Spotlight: 20 Questions with...
Industry Spotlight: 20 Questions with Rita Wilson, CEO, Towers MSA Partners
  I was introduced to Rita (CEO of TowersMSA Partners ) a month ago by a mutual acquaintence,...

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First Report of Injury

Claimwire not only provides the state First Report of Injury forms, but we also have on-line reporting capabilities for all 50 states. Your users can fill in an easy-to-use form tailored for each state. The form and all the form data will be sent wherever you need it to go, and in whatever format you need it to be in. Claimwire's First Report tool is a terrific way to initiate a claim and collect First Report data.   Learn More

Claimwire Web Service

The Claimwire Web Service is a bridge between other software systems and Claimwire. Any software system can present Claimwire's forms and content to their users as if it existed in their system. Learn More

Data-Ready Forms

The forms provided for free on Claimwire are available as Blank PDF forms and Editable PDF forms. These formats are great unless you need to populate forms with data from a software system. That's where our Data-Ready forms shine.  Our Data-Ready forms allow software systems to be populated with data, rather than be filled out by hand.  Learn More

Data Imports and Exports

Sharing data is a requirement these days. Claim data, in particular, goes from the initial reporting system to a claims management system. From there it could go to several other systems including an insurance carrier, TPA, or government agency. Claimwire specializes in getting your claim data from one system to the next.  Contact us for more information


EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange, and is the preferred format for sending claim data to over 30 states. Typically the insurance carrier or TPA takes care of reporting to the states, but if you need us to help we can. Our list of approved EDI states is growing all the time.  Contact us for more information

Custom Development

Claimwire offers custom development specifically for the workers’ compensation and risk management industries. We know these industries. We know the laws, requirements, definitions, etc. We also know what systems are in the marketplace – we’ve integrated with a bunch of them.  Learn More