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Three Things to Remember

avatar Steve Schmutz

11/11/14  General  4 comment(s) 

Three Things to Remember
  Remember. A man I greatly admired, who has now passed on, said the word remember was the most important word in the dictionary. It’s a word with a lot of meaning. In recent years it has become closely associated with 9/11. We’ve all seen bumper stickers with that single word, Remember , and we know what it’s referring to. Today, we remember our veterans and give them thanks. My father served in WWII. How grateful I am for his service and the millions of others who have served our great country. I recently gave a presentation to a class of...

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‘Tis the Season for a Holiday Settlement Spree!

An Article by Barry Thompson

avatar Barry Thompson, President, Risk Acuity, LLC & ClaimAnswer.com

11/12/14  General  0 comment(s) 

If you have churning claims with no visible incentive to settle then consider the approaching holidays as a worthwhile opportunity.

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Keeping Workers' Comp Professionals Up-To-Date

avatar Coleen Matsen, Claimwire

11/04/14  newsletter  0 comment(s) 

Keeping Workers' Comp Professionals Up-to-Date. A service from your friends at Claimwire and our sponsors...

Top Five Reasons we are looking forward to Worker’s Comp Conference

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avatar Darrin Schenck, Vice President Sales & Marketing, TriageNow

11/03/14  General  0 comment(s) 

TriageNow will be announcing some game-changing technology advancements that will greatly alter the way we offer nurse triage services.

Nurse Hotlines & Injury Triage: 11 Things You Should Know

An Article by Paul Binsfeld, CEO Company Nurse, LLC

avatar Paul Binsfeld, Founder & CEO, Company Nurse

10/31/14  General  0 comment(s) 

...many organizations—whether insurance companies, third-party administrators, risk pools, employers or public entities—have successfully deployed nurse hotlines and injury triage at the front-end of their claims process. This one strategy has helped to e

20 Questions with Barry E. Thompson, CEO - Risk Acuity, LLC, and ClaimAnswer.com

An Interview by Steve Schmutz

avatar Steve Schmutz

10/23/14  Interviews  0 comment(s) 

  A couple of weeks ago when I first heard about ClaimAnswer.com, I was so intrigued by it that I reached out to Barry to learn more. He was gracious enough to spend quite a bit of time on the phone with me&mdash...