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Keeping Workers' Comp Professionals Up-To-Date

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Keeping Workers' Compensation
Professionals Up-to-Date 
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October 2016
State Form Changes
The following states have modified and/or added forms
  • Request for Release of InformationView
  • Workers Compensation Claim (Claim for Benefits)View
  • Workers' Compensation Liability Form - Self-InsuredView
  • Settlement WorksheetView
  • Request to Implead a PartyView
  • Overview of Appeal to the Nebraska Court of AppealsView
  • Special One-Way Mileage Reimbursement RequestView
  • Formal Training Mileage Reimbursement Request on and after 01/01/2016View
  • United States Citizenship Attestation FormView
  • Atestiguación de Ciudananía de Estados Unidos Norte AmericanosView
  • Case Closure Report-No Plan ProposedView
  • Case Closure Report- Plan or Plans ProposedView
  • Plan Closure ReportView
  • Follow-Up Employment Status ReportView
  • Lump sum Settlement FormsView
  • Memo of Permanent Impairment AwardView
  • Employee's Statement of Employment StatusView
  • Report of Extended DisabilityView
  • Notice to Suspend Payment of Workers' Compensation BenefitsView
  • Annual Financial StatementView
  • EndorsementView
  • Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance QuestionnaireView
  • Release and Settlement of Claim ComputationView
  • First Report of InjuryView
  • Providers Request for Medication Prior AuthorizationView
  • Designated Medical Provider SelectionView
  • Capability AssessmentView
  • Relistor Prior Authorization RequestView
  • RTW Status/ProgressView
  • Pain QuestionnaireView
  • Surgery Expectation QuestionnaireView
  • UR Review RequestView
  • Vocational Release of InformationView
  • STEP AwardsView
  • UR Chiropractic Review RequestView
  • Quick Reference for ChiropractorsView
  • Pre-audit QuestionnaireView
  • Other States Coverage - Trucking Supplemental ApplicationView
  • Gradual Return to Work AgreementView
  • Amended True-Up Payroll ReportView
  • Workers' Compensation Act NoticeView
  • Workers' Compensation Act Notice (Spanish)View
  • Application for Hearing - Industrial Accident ClaimView
  • Employer's Notice of Intention to Discontinue PaymentsView
  • Aggregate Annual Reporting Form - Reporting Period 7/01 – 6/30View
  • Workers' Compensation Reinstatement Rights PosterView
  • Notice of Change in Compensation RateView
  • Legal Representation NotificationView
  • Notificación de representación legalView
  • Termination of CoverageView
  • Attending Physician Benefits FormView
  • Employer's First Report Of Injury Or DiseaseView
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News and Announcements from States
  • New California Workers’ Comp Law on Excluded Employees Causing Headaches  View
  • Florida Approves 14.5% Workers’ Comp Rate Hike in Response to Court Rulings View
  • Finalized Revisions to TDI-DWC EDI Forms 01, 02, and 03 View
  • Systema Software Makes the SF Business Times Fastest Growing Private Companies View
  • Medication Trends Shaping Workers' Comp View
  • New OSHA Rule Requires Electronic Submission, Public Disclosure View
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