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I've known the founders of Claim Tactics for many years. Both Dennis Chandler and Dan Lyman are outstanding veterans in the insurance software industry. Their newest venture, Claim Tactics, is designed to monitor and notify interested parties about claims from the moment they are reported - increasing and improving communication and thus improving outcomes. I think you'll enjoy this overview of Dennie and Dan's new product.


1. First off, tell us about Claim Tactics. Give us a brief background of the organization and your offerings.

MicroNiche technology started in 1986. Over the past thirty years the company developed a suite of software solutions to manage work injury and liability claims. Their user base encompasses hundreds of users, serving public and private entities.

CCI-Day-1 Systems has provided services since 1991 to employers/insurers specifically directed to return to work solutions through its proprietary Structured Return to Work (SRTW) Programs. Over 350 entities using the SRTW solution formed the database of thousands of modified assignments.

In 2003-04, MicroNiche and Day-1 Systems developed a new online return to work system, RTWNOW and TRACKER,

Today as a result of their continuing research over the past 3 years, Dan and Dennis developed a new product, Claim Tactics.

Claim Tactics combines the best of communication technology with actionable tools to service untouched early intervention opportunities to control claims and increase service revenues.

Claim Tactics is the game-changer Dan & Dennis envisioned and strived for over their long association.

Dennis Chandler, CCI-Day-1 Systems and Dan Lyman, MicroNiche have collaborated over the past 25 years to provide industry leading technology and services to the workers compensation field.

Claim Tactics is a unique communication tool that provides email notifications and alerts to monitor day of injury processes and capture early intervention opportunities that are often under-served. The tool optimizes the collaborative efforts of the claims group and their clients. Claim Tactics was developed by Dennis Chandler and Dan Lyman, experts with a combined 60 years in Workers' Comp RTW strategies and technologies.


2. What industry or market do you primarily serve?

Claim Tactics target market is workers’ comp TPAs, comp insurers, employer pools/trust/JPAs and brokers.



3. Within that market, what specific people within an organization would benefit from, or use, your products and/or services?

Any individual in roles within an organization who could best benefit from a collaborative communication tool on the day of injury.

Claim Tactics defined 10 primary roles and seven secondary roles within the claim and client organizations that could/should be connected at the outset of a claim depending on the situational circumstances of a claim event.



4. Give us a high-level description for the new product/service you are launching.

Claim Tactics is an early alert and notification tool to provide:

·      Medical Authorization to the initial provider prior to treatment

·      Employee Medical Treatment Survey-“what was your experience?”

·      Immediate notification of work status-“who wants to know?”

·      Tools to assess what risks (situational events) might be present on the day of injury

·      Service Requests to numerous roles when assistance is needed

·      Reminders to complete required forms in a timely manner

·      Tools to assist in identifying return-to-work options

·      Overall a tool whose message is: let’s work together to solve an issue at its earliest opportunity.



5. Now go a little deeper – how does the product/service work? Does it interface with other products/services? What are the requirements?

Imagine connecting primary roles within claims and client organizations to an email notification tool that is activated by the employer using an on-line link at the decision point of my employee needs medical treatment.

Once triggered Claim Tactics follows a Roles-Rules algorithm that triggers a series of email notifications to alert the entire list of primary roles to any/all events that are present in the first 24 hours to 10 days of a claim.

These include: work status changes, case management needs to support return to work and medical management alerts to problems with the employee or provider as well as serious injury notifications. Claim Tactics manages over a dozen situational events that can cause a claim to go side-ways in the early going.

Claim Tactics serves as an automated interface for the early collaborative communications that are often missing on the day of injury.

The requirements are simple: internet and email access -- nothing to download, no IT support and no systems interface or systems duplication.



6. What are some of the specific benefits of your product/service?

Benefits for Clients

•In Control of claim outcomes by using Claim Tactics to provide actionable information to Claims that lowers costs and defines early return-to-work opportunities

•Saves time using an automated alert/notification system

•Provides the initial medical-treater critical information regarding treatment authorization, organization specific guidelines and billing instructions before employee arrives for treatment

•Improves the internal comp notification process to build a stronger alliance/collaboration with the claims group


Benefits for Claims Group

•Higher & earlier levels of service response on the day of injury

•Documented actionable events initiated by Client

•Adds new tools to aid RTW

•Improves current processes linked to Client performance; builds retention

•Saves valuable time on the day of injury with early alerts of important situations

•Ease of adoption, no technology hurdles

•High ROI, low annual cost



7. Can you tell us your general pricing?

$1,000 per account, annual subscription basis. We are currently waiving all enrollment fees.



8. Is this product/service available now? If not, what is your target date for making it available?

Claims Tactics is fully functional, ready for market.



9. What kind of related services do you offer to support and add additional value to your product/service?

Included in the annual subscription is a return-to-work database containing a minimum of seven modified duty/transitional work options for every occupation/every industry. The RTW toolbox also contains a tool to modify the regular job to conform to the physician’s work restrictions.

Additionally, Claim Tactics offers service surveys to be requested of the Client following service requests. These surveys measure client satisfaction and build collaboration and client retention.

Overall Claim Tactics was built to offer flexibility to larger claim organizations to customize notifications and alerts. Make it yours!



10. If our readers are interested in learning more about Claim Tactics, and your new product/service who should they contact?

Visit: to request a demo

Call: Dennis Chandler (541) 520-8396



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