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General Information

Most people who are injured or contract an illness while working have no experience with the workers' compensation system. They've never been injured before, so they don't know what to expect, who to contact, how to get medical attention, if they will receive their wages if they miss work, etc.... The list of questions goes on and on.

Claimwire is here to provide injured employees, as well as their employers, medical providers, claims adjsuters, and all other parties with accurate, helpful information.


What is recommended for Injured Workers

Simply put--keep good records.

After you file a claim and take the first steps to gaining control of your claim, you will probably fill out and receive what may appear as an abundance of forms and other documents. Keep copies of everything, including envelopes showing postmarks. 

  • Save copies of all claim-related documents, letters, forms, benefit checks and medical bills, especially the First Report of Injury form.
  • Keep track of your mileage and parking fees for medical examination and treatment visits, as well as return to work services visits.
  • Save notes of phone conversations.
  • Put your name, claim number, date of injury, employer and the name of the insurance company on all papers and forms received by you or completed by you.
  • Keep your doctor and other medical provider's appointments.
  • Keep your employer informed about your recovery and plans to return to work.


Claimwire's Purpose

The purpose of this section of Claimwire is to assist injured workers through the sometimes complicated, confusing, and time sensitive state or federal workers' compensation system. While many injured workers receive their benefits quickly, with no trouble at all, others face problems and delays. Our objective is to make available information and tools to help you take charge of your claim so you can make sure your rights are protected, and return to work as quickly as possible.

Please note that we are not attorneys, and in no way should the information in this site be construed as legal advice. 


Free to Injured Employees

This section of Claimwire is and always will be free to Injured Workers. We hope the general, as well as state-specific information provided here will help all injured workers get the information they need.


Next Step

You will find helpful information about workers' compensation in your state under the Injured Workers button at the top, right side of this page. 




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