Web Services (API)

What's an API?

Good question, and since most people don't know the answer, here you go:

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Basically, it's how software systems talk to each other. It's like this:

You speak English and you need to communicate with someone who speaks French. An API is like the interpreter who knows both English and French. You tell the interpreter what you want to say to your French-speaking friend. The interpreter communicates your message in French to  your friend. You friend responds in French, and the interpreter.... You get the picture.

Claimwire Web Service

The Claimwire Web Service allows ANY other software application to access all our forms and content as if that information existed in the other software system. For example, let's say there was an insurance software system called System A and System A wants to give their users access to all 3800 forms found in Claimwire. 

That's where the API comes in.

System A uses the "calls" from the Claimwire API to tell Claimwire what it wants. Claimwire repsonds with the requested information, and System A presents it to the user as if the information existed in System A. The user doesn't know (and doesn't care) that the information actually comes from Claimwire.

It's a win-win-win situation. System A wins because they can offer their users access to all the forms. The user wins because they need the forms and they don't have to do elsewhere to find them. Claimwire wins because we get to do business with System A.

Technical questions?

We can answer all your technical questions and get you set up with a test environment. Contact us at info@claimwire.com



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