California Insurance Requirements

State Fund and Self-Insurance Information

State Fund?
General medical benefit provisions
Private Insurance Carriers?
Report an injury/illness claim
General medical benefit limitations
Self-insurance - Individual Employers?
State has a Medical Fee Schedule?
Self-insurance - Groups of Employers/Pools?
Basis of the state WC medical fee schedule

Insurance Requirements for Workers' Compensation

Injured worker claim form?
Basic fee schedule reimbursement provisions
Insurance Compulsory or Elective?
Injured worker claim form for death benefits?
Workers' compensation medical E-Bill Requirements?
Penalties/fines/assessments for not carrying workers' compensation insurance?
Class of penalty/offense/crime is applicable for not having insurance
Waivers Permitted?
Form for injured worker to reject terms of workers' compensation?
Numerical Exemptions?
Form for injured worker to revoke prior rejection workers' compensation?
Exemptions for Private Employers?
Exemptions for Public Entities?
Special Coverage Provisions?

Coverage for Agricultural and Domestic Workers

Injured worker assistance on the Web or a State Hotline Ombudsman?
Required for Agricultural workers?
Exceptions for Agricultural Employees?
Home page on State Web site for the Injured Worker?
Required for Domestic workers?
State FAQ Sheet for Injured Worker?
Coverage for Domestic Workers voluntary?
State explanation of claim process available for Injured Worker?
Can Domestic Workers be specifically excluded?
Coverage for Agric/Domestic workers the same as for other employees?

Misc. State Insurance Information

Drug Free Workplace and/or Testing Policies?
Special provisions for providing workers' comp to volunteer firefighters?
Special provisions for death benefits for volunteer firefighters?

Coverage for Minors

Minors covered by workers' compensation insurance?